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Individual Laser Treatments

$69.00 - $209.00
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A small area is considered one of the following:

Upper lip. Chin. Underarms. Moderate bikini.  Ears.  Sideburns.  Fingers.  Top of hands.  Toes.  Tops of feet. Belly button (“happy trail”).  Small of back.  Middle of the eyebrow.  Front of neck. Back of neck.  Areolas. Cheeks.  Jawline.


A medium area is considered one of the following:

Full brazilian. Extended bikini line.  1/2 Arms.  1/2 Legs.  Front and back of neck.  Upper chest.  Lower abdomen.  Shoulders.  Full face.  Beard.  Buttocks.  Head.


A large area is considered one of the following

Full chest & abdomen. Full back & shoulders. Full legs with Toes & Feet. Full arms with Hands & Fingers.